Don’t Call Me Surely

Don’t Call Me Surely

by Mark Lyons

Image by leecu from Pixabay

            “Surely you are going to get to work early today,” said Mark to his wife, Sally as they sat at the kitchen table enjoying a light but hot breakfast.

            “I am,” replied Sally as she spread a generous amount of strawberry jam across a crisp slice of toasted bread. “And don’t call me surely.”

            I see you are wearing the fuzzy striped socks from SammySocks Etc.”, said Mark with a slight smirk on his face. “A bold pair of socks for a bold fashion statement.”

            “Yes,” said Sally with a sly smile of her own. “These socks set the tone of moving forward with the well-being of all in mind.”

            “Good for you!” said Mark.

            “Someone in this family needs to be a fashionista!” said Sally.

            “What?” replied Mark. “I wear my black socks and sandals with the pride of all men with limited fashion sense as he sipped his coffee from a Commodore 64 commemorative mug. “After all, I was cutting edge in 1988!”


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