Women's Panda Low Cut Socks
Women's Elephant Low Cut Socks
Wildlife Socks Gift Bag for Women!

Wildlife Socks Gift Bag for Women!

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Wildlife Socks Gift Bag for Women!

     The Wildlife Socks Gift Bag for Women! features several wildlife animals. What’s soft, cuddly, and a vegetarian? No, it’s not your Aunt Martha! It’s a great pair of Pandamonium socks! Yes, you can gift this comfortable pair of socks and someone’s feet will feel soft and cuddly in these women’s white, low cut socks. They can even be worn while munching on some bamboo. But that’s up to your giftee!

    Don’t let your giftee forget their socks! They won’t if they wear a pair of these women’s, Elephant of Surprise, mint green, low cut socks. A gorgeous gray elephant stares out at your giftee on these comfortable pair of socks. Let the love for the inner elephant show with a pair of these socks.

     The Wildlife Socks Gift Bag for Women includes:

  • 1 pair of Pandamonium Cotton Low Cut Socks
  • 1 pair of Elephant of Surprise Cotton Low Cut Socks
  • A beautiful blue organza bag with a draw string tie
  • Special peacock tissue paper wrapping around the socks
  • A “Gift for You!” packing slip listing the contents with no prices
  • An information packet including a discount coupon, a poem, a Sammy Saying, two pieces of candy, and a postcard telling about SammySocks Etc.
  • A bright blue bubble mailer stamped with the words “You Have Been Gifted!”
  • Optional: A special message card from you to the giftee   

     If you would like us to send the gift bag to someone other than you, we will put the order in a bright blue bubble mailer with the words “You Have Been Gifted!” stamped on the outside of the bubble mailer so the recipient knows it is a gift. If you are wanting us to send the gift bag contents to you so that you can give the gift bag as a gift, we will not send the order in a separate bright blue bubble mailer or include a separate “A Gift for You!” packing slip. We will send the order to you with the rest of the contents of the gift bag as stated

     You may choose to include a special message to the gift recipient (the giftee). You will have the opportunity to include your special message when you place your order. On the “Your Cart” page, there is a place just to the left of the Subtotal that says “Special notes to the seller. If this is a gift bag or a gift box, please enter the special message for the recipient here.” Enter your name, the name of the gift recipient, and your message (up to 30 words) here. We will type the message onto a colorful card and add it to the inside of the order.

Pandamonium - Sammy's Special Sock Simile –  These socks will make your feet feel as cuddly as that blankie you used to have (or may still have) when you were much younger.

Elephant of Surprise - Sammy's Special Sock Simile –  These Elephant of Surprise socks will make you feel as unforgettable as an early morning walk through a rain forest trail in northeastern India.

Note: We strive to offer the most accurate color images, however, the colors in the image(s) may not match the colors of the actual pair of socks due to how the socks appear on your electronic device.

Style: Low Cut

Size: Sock size 9 - 11; fits shoe sizes 4 - 10.5

Sock Maker: Socksmith – Santa Cruz, California

Fiber Content: 63% cotton, 34% nylon, 3% spandex

Country of Origin: South Korea

Care Instructions: Machine wash with similar colors in cold water and without bleach. Tumble dry on low. Do not iron.

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