Our Poems

Our Poems

            Each order from SammySocks Ect. receives a poem. Here are several. There are many more.


             Even though our poems may never win a Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, we think (at least I, Mark, Samuel’s dad, thinks) that they are pretty great! Each order from SammySocks Etc. receives one of our poems. Hopefully, the poems will lift your spirits along with helping you enjoy our socks.

            The poems are not written by Sammy. They are written mostly by me, Mark, Samuel’s dad. Some, the much better poems, are written by Samuel’s mom, Sally.

            If you like our poems, or not, you may want to take a look at our Sammy Sayings. These are special sayings that Sammy has said or continues to say even today as part of his uniqueness. Each order from SammySocks Etc. also receives a Sammy Saying.

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