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Help Us Grow So We Can Hire Adults With Differing Abilities!

     SammySocks Etc. is an online business. We sell socks, coffee, and tea. We opened in September of 2020. Our mission is to make available dignified employment, contribute to a sense of worth, and foster respect for adults with differing abilities through the selling of quality products. Our vision is, by the grace of God, to provide our son who is an autistic person and other adults with differing abilities, opportunities to contribute to the community in a safe environment and help secure their futures.

     Currently, we are a very small business. We have been unable to offer employment opportunities to adults with differing abilities because we have not received enough consistent orders to warrant the hiring of employees. The work for Samuel has been few and far between.

     We would like to offer a program for adults with differing abilities that provides employment with training, job coaches, the development of professional skills, a safe, secure, and inclusive work environment all while earning a fair wage.

     We would like to work with local high schools to recruit young adults with differing abilities for employment at SammySocks Etc. Employees would have real work experiences with meaningful employment. We would like them to reach their full potential and have stable, successful, financially self-sufficient lives.


     Adults with differing abilities would like to hold a job. About 80% of adults with differing abilities are employed in either part-time or full time jobs.² They are waiting to show what they can do if allowed the opportunity. Employees with differing abilities improve productivity, increase retention, and are reliable and steady workers.³ Adults with differing abilities are waiting to demonstrate that they can be a boost to any business.


Help us grow so we can hire adults with differing abilities.


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