Sock Adventures with SammySocks Etc.!

Sock Adventures with SammySocks Etc.!

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

            An adventure is often an experience that is exciting, bold, and/or risky. We bet you have many adventures. We would like you to send us pictures of your adventures while wearing socks from SammySocks Etc. We will post them on this page so others can see how wild and crazy your life is while wearing socks from SammySocks Etc. Please include the location and date of your adventure. You may also include your first name, if you would like. You could have your picture taken in your backyard, on your patio, on your vacation, etc. Anywhere you have an adventure will work. Go crazy!

            If you send us a picture of you wearing our socks on your adventure, we will send you a 25% discount code good on your next purchase at SammySocks Etc.! (This does not include subscriptions. Only 1 per customer, so if you have had many adventures, please pick your most adventurous one while wearing our socks and send us that picture.

            We will have a map on this page showing all of the places people have had their adventures with our socks. So, have fun, go on an adventure, and wear socks from SammySocks Etc.!

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Alaska - Fly Fishing - Women's Outland Atomic Child Mountaintop Crew Socks from Jana


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