Random Acts of Sockness Gift Bags!

Random Acts of Sockness!

     Most random acts of kindness are spontaneous: holding a door open for someone, picking up a pencil someone dropped, stopping to help fix a flat tire, offering to jump start a car battery, or giving someone a ride. A situation presents itself and a simple act of kindness solves the problem. 

     Many acts of kindness cost nothing except time. Some have financial expenses however minimal. Still others can cost a lot of money. The cost is not seen as burden but a part of the kindness. In fact, for most people, the random act of kindness is not anything out of the ordinary. It is just something that is done. Nothing is expected in return. Often the person or people performing the random act of kindness are anonymous and/or just fade into the crowd.

     Other random acts of kindness are more deliberate and planned. The random part is who the beneficiary of the act of kindness will be. You can plan deliberate acts of kindness with socks from SammySocks Etc. These are called Random Acts of Sockness!

     A new pair of socks is inherently a good thing. It is new, fresh, clean, often colorful, and positive. You can perform Random Acts of Sockness! with socks from SammySocks Etc. You can buy your socks from anywhere, but when you buy your socks from SammySocks Etc., you help us grow so we can hire adults with differing abilities.

     We will send you Random Acts of Sockness! certificate signed by Sammy, the Sammy of SammySocks Etc. certifying that you have performed a Random Act of Sockness! You can frame it and put it on your living room wall right next to that fish that sings plaque and that picture of you wearing a lampshade at last year's holiday party. 

     If  you would like to receive a Random Act of Sockness! certificate with your sock order, please type "Random Acts of Sockness!" along with your name in the box titled "Special note to seller" in your cart before you checkout. We will include the certificate with your order. You can see a sample of a Random Acts of Sockness! certificate right here.

     We would also like you to take a picture of  you holding your certificate and send us a copy. We will put it on this page. You can also include a photo of you performing the Random Act of Sockness!

     We will also send you a discount code good for 25% off your next purchase from SammySocks Etc. This does not include subscriptions.

     So, get some socks from us and get out there an perform Random Acts of Sockness!

     Help us grow so we can hire adults with differing abilities.


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