Fara Coffee - Breakfast Blend Coffee

Fara Coffee - Breakfast Blend Coffee

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Fara Breakfast Blend Coffee

Size: 1 – 12 oz. bag of ground coffee

     The sun is rising, birds are chirping, and you're sitting on your porch, welcoming a new day's dawn. OK, OK - maybe that's not how you usually get to start your days. But a smooth sip of Fara’s Breakfast Blend coffee will help you embrace the easy-breezy attitude of a laid-back morning, and maybe you'll feel a little less crabby when the printer runs out of ink AGAIN. Good morning, sunshine!

     Bright and lively with sweet florals and hints of stone fruit with a clean milk chocolate finish!

Origin: Central America and South America

Sammy’s Special Coffee SimileThis coffee will make you feel as happy as a child on Halloween!

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