We have coffee!

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     We have coffee available for purchase Fara Coffee of Austin, Texas.

About Fara Coffee

     Fara Coffee produces and exports shade-grown, handpicked gourmet coffee. It has been growing 100% SHG Arabica coffee beans on their family-owned farms in the mountainous rainforest of Matagalpa, Nicaragua for five generations.

     Fara coffee is exported from Nicaragua to Austin, Texas where they roast each batch with special attention. In order to achieve top quality and consistency, the coffee beans are carefully processed to preserve their full body, bright acidity, and exceptional aroma. Fara proudly oversees each step of production, from planting to roasting and packaging. Fara Coffee's priority is to ensure their customers will taste quality and care in every cup.

     In 2004, Fara Coffee raised the bar for itself — with a proactive objective to have the most environmentally sensitive and socially responsible coffee fincas in all of Nicaragua. Through the Fara Foundation, they give 100% of their proceeds back to the people of Nicaragua in 4 main ways: healthcare, food assistance, education, and eldercare. Furthermore, they prioritized Rainforest Alliance certification to reinforce their aim to conserve ecosystems by protecting healthy soils, rivers and wildlife and promote dignified living conditions for farm workers and neighboring rural communities.


About Ordering Coffee from SammySocks Etc.

     We have coffee available for one-time purchases. This means that you can purchase bags of ground coffee or single-serve bags of coffee from us. The coffee will be shipped to you one time.

     You can order just coffee. For example, you can order a 12 oz. bag of Fara Breakfast Blend ground, drip coffee.

     You can also order coffee and socks in the same order. For example, you can order a 12 oz. bag of Fara Decaf Roast ground, drip coffee and Women’s Cat in the Box Crew Socks.

     You can add coffee to any existing men’s or women’s socks gift bag or box. Add the socks gift bag or box to your cart and then add any of our coffee choices to your cart. On the cart page, there is a spot just under the picture of each product you are ordering that says “Special note to the seller. If this is a gift bag or a gift box, please enter a special message for the recipient here.” Please type in this box that the coffee portion of your order is to go in the gift bag or box that you are ordering. We will include the coffee in the gift bag or box. Don’t forget to enter a special message as well. 

     You can even order a “Coffee Gift Bag” for someone. Click on the tab that says “Coffee Gift Bag” under the “Coffee” tab at the top of the Home page for more information.

     There is no Texas sales tax on the coffee we sell. If you buy just coffee and no socks, there is also no Texas sales tax on the shipping. If you are not located in Texas, there may or may not be state sales tax on the coffee and/or shipping. It depends on your state.

     If you order socks and coffee, there will be no Texas state sales tax on the coffee portion of your order. There will be Texas sales tax on the shipping for the entire order including the coffee. 

     A 12 oz. bag of ground coffee for drip coffee makers holds about 32 tablespoons of coffee. If you use 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per cup, you will be able to make about 32 cups of coffee from a 12 oz. bag. This will help you decide on how much coffee to buy and how often. 

     We charge $4.99 for Standard Shipping on orders up to $50.00, not including sales tax. This includes coffee and socks. Standard Shipping ships USPS – first class mail. If you have an order greater than $50, not including sales tax, Standard Shipping is FREE.

     We also offer Priority Mail Shipping through the United States Postal Service (USPS). For an added expense of $8.50, you may choose to receive your order in 1 – 3 business days. If you choose this shipping method, you will be charged $8.50 even if your order amount exceeds $50.00. Free Shipping is only available with Standard Shipping. You may make your selection of Standard Shipping or Priority Mail Shipping when you checkout.

     With Standard Shipping, your package should arrive at its destination in 5 to 8 business days. With Priority Mail Shipping, your package should arrive at its destination within 1 to 3 business days. Please note that shipping times cannot be guaranteed.     

     Coffee is perishable, so we are unable to accept returns or exchanges for coffee products. 


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