It All Started .....

It All Started .....

by Mark Lyons

Image by Andrzej Rembowski from Pixabay

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            It all started years ago. An inspired young man with classically chiseled features set out to make a difference in the field of education.


            The world lay before him like a freshly washed chalkboard.

            Hey, pssssssst!!!

            With a newly bestowed sheepskin nestled in one back pocket, a sealed box of cutting edge, yellow, dustless chalk stuffed in the other, a state-of-the-art, plastic, pocket protector in his left shirt pocket, and the best telescoping aluminum pointer a buck ninety-seven could buy at his side, he headed off to the state of Texas and his first teaching position.


            What, Uh, yes? What is it?

            They don’t want to hear your “It all started ….” speech.

            Oh, sure they do. Why just the other day …

            No, Mark, they don’t.

            But …


            Not even the part about my using a Commodore 64 computer in the classroom?

            Especially that part. No.

            Are you sure?

            Yes. You know what they are waiting to hear.

            The time I spent working in an open school. You know, classrooms with no walls?

            Uh, no.

            My in-service presentation of 1976: “101 Things You Can Teach in a Baby Blue Leisure Suit”?

            That would be a no. Come on, Mark. Remember?

            I know! I know! …………………. Gosh! They want to hear about how the STAAR tests will be used this school year, whether or not they will get a pay raise, and how COVID-19 will affect their school year. But that is nothing like the time I ……

            Uh, uh!

            Once, I ……


            Aw, man!


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