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Challenges Sammy, His Family, and Other Adults with Differing Abilities Face Everyday

Challenges Sammy, His Family, and Other Adults with Differing Abilities Face Everyday

by Mark Lyons

SammySocks Etc. Blog - Comments and Observations from Someone Who Is a Retired Educator and Sammy’s Dad

Image by Sukinah Hussain from Pixabay

     Each day presents unique challenges and opportunities for Sammy, his family, other adults with differing abilities, and their families. Sammy is an autistic person. Autism manifests itself in a variety of ways and degrees. No two people on the Autism Spectrum are alike. The care, treatment, medication, education, training, and life focus are not the same for people on the spectrum. They should not be the same. There is no “one size fits all”.

     In Sammy’s case, he and we, his family, deal with many aspects of autism. Here are just a few. He is constantly fearful of getting “bumped”. He does not like to be touched. He is tactile defensive. He does not like loud noises.

     Sammy has many OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) behaviors. He has many routines that he must repeat over and over throughout the day. If he is not able to complete the routines or follow through with them, he may have a meltdown. Many of these OCD behaviors involve us, his family.

     Sammy suffers from sleeplessness. He has a difficult time going to sleep and staying asleep. He is easily distracted. Sammy does not pay attention well. He does not like to be left alone. He fixates on different things and only pays attention to them.

     We work with Sammy and around him. Some days are successful and some days it seems as if we are taking two or three steps backward. He tries. We try.

     The multi-faceted aspects of people with differing abilities create daily challenges as well as opportunities for themselves and their family members. One of these challenges and opportunities is finding and keeping a job. This can be difficult for neurotypical adults as well. One of the reasons we started SammySocks Etc. was to provide a safe, secure, and positive place for Sammy to work. If we can do that, it is one less thing. Hopefully, as SammySocks Etc. grows, we can also provide that “one less thing” for other adults with differing abilities and their families, too.

     The Mission of SammySocks Etc. is to make available dignified employment, contribute to sense of worth, and foster respect for adults with differing abilities through the selling of quality products.

     The Vision of SammySocks Etc. is, by the grace of God, to provide our son who is an autistic person and other adults with differing abilities, opportunities to contribute to the community in a safe environment and help secure their futures. 

     Help Sammy and, as we grow and are able to hire others, other adults with differing abilities. We say this often because we are not there yet. We are still growing and, as of yet, do not have the “where-with-all” to have others join the SammySocks Etc. family as employees. So, please take a look at our selection of children’s, women’s, and men’s socks. Buy some. Tell others about us. Spread the word.

     Thank you.


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